2015 Season Planning Meeting

WHEN: Saturday, June 14 @ 13:00
WHERE: The Red Rock Aussie Bar & Grill

Hey, ever watched a show and thought "I could do that. Totally."? Then come do it. Pitch a show at our general meeting. We're looking for folks to put shows out there, all experience levels welcome...
Here's a sneak peak at some of the shows we're considering:

  • Club by David Williamson. Dir.: Ashley James, David Olaf
  • Night of One Acts. Dir.: Joe Hindman, Nichola Deadman, Joe Sichi
  • The Psychic by Adam Miller. Dir.: Sean Mahler

Check out our Facebook Community Page for more information.


JOIN THE PLAYERS: THE NAGOYA PLAYERS is an English-language, not-for-profit, community theatre group based in central Japan. New members are always welcome! Whether you want to act, direct, design scenery, sound, lighting, props, costumes, make up etc. etc. etc... come and join the fun! For more information, contact us at: contact@nagoyaplayers.info.

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